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Updated 08/27/2008

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Happy Birthday to 
 Jody Davis 8/31, Ann Ewing 8/31, Robert Ballow 9/1, Sara Ewing 9/6, Chelsea Tharp 9/12, Elizabeth Stanford 9/22, William Ballow 9/28, Karen Tharp 9/29, Brad Stanfor 10/8, Brent Ballow 10/15, Lori Ewing 10/15, Melissa Horton 10/23, Uncle Bill 11/4.

 year of birth omitted to protect the old

Well, it's been quite a summer. Quite a year.  This year will be notorious for us for several reasons; I won't elaborate on all of them here.  I have not updated in a while due to all kinds of goings on that, in recent years , would have done me in. 

 We have some photos of shrinking girls.  The STi made it's last AutoX with me as the driver. Easter at Sawgrass Club, AKA the ant farm. We did some great beach days in the Spring. Catherine's Ballet Recital. We had tremendous fun in Monteagle and enjoyed seeing everyone. 

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